Brightshare Shafts Casino Affiliate Partners

On May 1’st 2013 the Brightshare casino affiliate program retroactively changed their partners contractual agreements. Thereby forcing Terms & Conditions permitting Brightshare to steal not only referred tagged players but the rightful commissions of their casino affiliate webmasters. These actions come hot on the heels of other rogue programs such as Wagershare and Roxy Affiliates, all of whom think it’s ok to lie, cheat and steal from their affiliate partners.

Like so many other online gaming webmasters, I too have been with Brightshare for over a decade. They were one of the first affiliate programs I joined. In those first few years while I didn’t make much, their casinos, and certainly obtained a lot of free branding.

That didn’t concern me because when I joined the Brightshare affiliate program, my contractual agreement promised a 25% minimum commission for the life of my tagged depositing players. Yet here I am now along with 1000’s of other affiliate webmasters and we’ve all had our contracts breached and are being shafted by the Brightshare affiliate program.

What’s more alarming about these crooks is they had to audacity to add the following words to their announcement of their intent to breaching our agreements:

We are, as always, 100% committed to our tag line: Playing Fair, Sharing Success.

Stealing the rightful income from affiliates and their livelihoods is about as low as someone can get. However it seems like this is just business as usual for the Brightshare affiliate program.

While online casino players may not think these type of issues concern them, there is of course an old gaming industry saying which goes something like this: If a casino is cheating players, it’s just as likely, it will shaft affiliate webmasters too. Given what’s transpired here, the following online casinos are just as likely to start finding ways to cheat and steal from their players now too.


It should also be noted, that while the online gaming industry has some very large forums and associations, the only place who has stood up to Brightshare has been the Affiliate Guarddog Forum.

The likes of the GPWA, APCW and CAP who claim to hold the best interest of gambling affiliate webmasters first and foremost, seem more concerned with the money they’ll lose by kicking these crooked sponsor programs to the curb. Hence they do nothing!

If your a casino affiliate concerned about programs like Brightshare and others stealing your income and referred tagged players, please consider hitting this link and joining Affiliate Guard Dog

5 thoughts on “Brightshare Shafts Casino Affiliate Partners”

  1. I’m please to say that CAP (Casino Affiliate Programs) has as of yesterday suspended Brightshare as a sponsor and is in the process of organising discussions with upper management. As a side note CAP has also rogued Roxy Affiliate Program for closing affiliate accounts and changing their partner agreements also. Please take the time to visit the Brightshare Thread at CAP.

  2. Great job AussieDave. I am glad you are out here working to keep igaming safe for affiliates, especially since I enjoy CAP and posting there. You always have great insights into the this business, and I am looking forward to meeting you in person one day soon. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks Jared but as I’ve said in the past I’m nothing special. Just an affiliate like yourself, who uses ethical business practices to make a buck. It does however annoy me to no end that Brightshare and other gambling affiliate programs who do and have done very nicely out of affiliates, choose to treat us, their partners badly, by trying to rob us of rightful commissions. The saying, money is the root of all evil, doesn’t really fit here. I believe, in this case, greed is the root of all evil. It’s especially true in the online gaming industry and basis to how some affiliate programs treat their marketing partners.

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