Social Media Gone Mad And Bad

Was on facebook the other day and a friend posted a video. It was funny! Someone (other than my mate or on his immediate friend list) made a comment.  Being the joker I am, I made a joke back, adding a :p to the end of my comment. Clearly I was having a joke.

However this person either didn’t get it or he was just in the mood to start sh#t. A few posts back and forth and the guy now suggests we hook up, face to face, at an online gaming convention and basically go toe to toe. I seriously couldn’t believe what I was reading.  Seems the down side of social media, has produced, a minority group who think because they’re behind their keyboard and monitor, they can act like a gangsta.

If the reaction wasn’t so funny, it would be sad. For a good 10 minutes, he fired out 5 responses; bent out of shape doesn’t do this volley of insults justice. Though it clearly indicated he was lost in transit.  He could give sh#t but couldn’t take it. Over and above this perception, it brought home that someone; obviously new to the online gaming industry, wasn’t doing himself any favours.

No one in their right mind would or should post what this guy did.  Especially since his company is supposedly targeting online casinos, seo, web development and IP routing etc etc.  Even more comical when I found out the site is hosted on Godaddy and is using a free template.

How can he expect people in the online gaming industry to take him as anything less than the idiot now, when he successfully turned himself into one, with his comments.