Can Brightshare Casino Affiliate Program Be Trusted?

Being an online affiliate means placing 100% blind trust in the program you partner. That’s a fact played down a lot, especially in relation to casino affiliate programs. It’s certainly a question any casino webmaster thinking about partnering with Brightshare, should weight up. From past events, it seems honesty isn’t one of Brighshare’s strong points. If honesty was a strong character for Brightshare, they wouldn’t have broken their promise to affiliates to pay 25% for the life of all referred depositing players.

But sure enough, in late March 2013, they (Brightshare) reneged on this promised, instead opting to retroactively change affiliate contractual and long standing agreements. Is that something you’d consider being a trusted act?

In an upcoming series at Dodgy Online Casino History, I’ll take a deeper look into all ethically challenged actions the Brightshare casino affiliate program has perpertrated onto its affiliate partners. Knowledge is power! While this trip down memory lane with Brightshare and its associated connections with Jackpot Factory Casinos and Spiral Solutions wont prevent already signed-up affiliates being saved, it may give newbie casino affiliates, considering joining the ranks of Brighshare, some food for thought.