Too Many iGaming Affiliate Program Crooks

After devoting more than 10 years of my time, which also included financially supporting myself, while fighting for the rights of both gambling affiliates and casino players, I had to regrettably place my needs 1’st. As such, I retired this site. That was around 2019. Since then, I’ve watched not only my own rightful commissions being stolen by bogus, crook-like garnishing but also those of many other gambling affiliates too.

The igaming industry is no longer ‘cowboy-town’. However, affiliates, the folks who bring in the depositing players for these online gambling entities, more often than not, are treated with contempt. What business would steal from a partner who provides the majority of their cash-flow. Run this past mainstream business entities and they’re left scratching their heads.

Yes, stealing the commissions of partners, the same people who make these igaming entities flourish. It all seems too bizarre for words. But, this is exactly what is taking place on a daily basis within the online gambling industry, today in 2023, every week, month and year.

iGaming affiliates have to contend with bogus GGR deduction, such as: ‘Admin Fees’. Frankly these are nothing more than, what seems to be ‘Profit Fees’, stolen from affiliates, to ensure the owners of these igaming entities¬† receive as much money possible, while paying the people that make them this cash, peanuts!

One such affiliate program that has taken stealing to an entirely new level, is none other than The 40% most affiliates are supposed to receive, is whittled down to such an extent with bogus GGR deductions and such, by the time the dust settles each month, affiliate commissions are paid at:

  • 25% = 3.0825%
  • 30% = 3.699%
  • 35% = 4.3155%
  • 40% = 4.932%
  • 45% = 5.5485%

These are by far, the worst commission %’s I’ve seen an igaming affiliate program pay their partners in 23 years. It’s nothing short of criminal theft.¬† Can this possibly get worse? Yes. affiliate program now has player quotas. So, if you don’t send enough NDP’s will not pay your rightful commission(s), even if they’ve made money on your current referred players.

What gripes me is the arrogant attitude of the SEO: Alexander Stevendahl. He commenced his igaming career as an affiliate, with a very checkered past. Accusations of theft, scams and downright crook-like behaviour follow Alexander Stevendahl like a dark cloud of doom.

Just to show the type of person Alexander Stevendahl is, (some 2’nd class online news rag) ran, what looks like a ‘paid’ interview. The actually article has since been deleted. Most probably due to the abundance of forum/blog posts I made about this crook, and for not researching their facts, first. Anyway, that article is still available on the Wayback Machine:

Let me quote what the CEO of, Alexander Stevendahl, thinks about affiliates.

Affiliates do a really good job, but they take all the profits. He also gives credence to the scammy player/commission theft by Sky Bet.

According to Alexander Stevendahl, what Sky Bet did to their partners, was A OK to him.

Alexander Stevendahl, is an igaming criminal parasite, who steals affiliate commissions.

These scum bags need to be run out of this industry. They’re lying, cheating, criminals. The old saying, if they’ll cheat and rob their affiliates, they’ll cheat and rob their players, and visa versa, always rings true.¬† And if they’re scamming these folk, then they’ll be scamming their relevant licensing jurisdictions too. Criminals don’t change – they just get sneakier.