Gamblers Bring Home Affiliate Commissions

As a casino affiliate, making commission doesn’t overshadow my number one priority – the players referred to the casinos I promote. In the gaming industry, there seems to be a sheer lack for ‘Duty of Care’, which concerns me greatly. Lots of nice meaning words such as integrity, transparency and accountability are thrown about. However when the chips are down, it would seem most affiliates don’t give a toss about gamblers, as long as they make commission each month.

It’s a very similar story at most casino affiliate forums. They all use catchy tags such as Protecting Affiliates Interests and alike. But shouldn’t a part of protecting affiliate income, also include ensuring the gamblers referred by forum members to these casinos, are also protected? In my view that would be ethically responsible. It’s especially true when these casino affiliate forums are taking cash payments from certified sponsor programs.

Over the years I’ve seen affiliate tagged gamblers, ask for help at these forums. The lame excuse of we’re a forum for affiliates not players, is the most popular textbook response. Ironically though, the owners of these casino affiliate forums, are the first ones to jump up and down when a casino program doesn’t pay them. Is it just me or do you also see a huge hypocrisy at play here?

All casino affiliate forums who accept payment from their certified programs, should ensure both casino affiliates and the gamblers they refer, are both protected. Transparency and due diligence shouldn’t be an option. It should be a guaranteed must-have, if your going to make the claim your protecting affiliates interests.

Adding, giving these paid & or certified sponsors sugar-coated-reviews, highlights irresponsibility. It directly contradicts and makes a mockery of claiming to be ethical and impartial too.