Quicktender (QT) Exits Online Gaming

If the seizure of poker domains by the USA Department of Justice (DoJ) didn’t make you sit up and take notice, then Quicktender (QT – web wallet) taking an abrupt exit stage right from the online gambling industry this week 22’nd May 2011, has surely shaken not only USA players but USA based affiliates to their core.

As much as I’m sorry to hear that many, many affiliates have had their earning frozen, most knew this was coming but decided to run the gauntlet anyway. The UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) was pass in 2006. Since then, the DoJ has taken swift action with precision effect. Over this time the DoJ has managed to push most of the online gaming industry away from its shores. Gambling software providers such as MGS (Microgaming), Playtech and others have ditched USA players as a risk too great to being hunted down by the USA Department of Justice.

Looking at it from here, without QuickTender most America affiliates and players are going to find it tough receive payments or making deposits. Don’t be surprised if that wasn’t the prime intention of the DoJ all along. Stop the flow of funds – isn’t that what the UIGEA was all about!