Belle Rock Casinos 72 Hour Cashouts

If any online industry is capable of changing direction quickly and gaining the most from current web limitations, it’s the online gaming industry. Since  inception (circa 1994), online casinos have meet numerous challenges – most have not only stepped up to the crease but have hit the ball for six –  way out of the cricket ground.

Online casinos have received more than a fair share of negative press – albeit there still are some less than reputable operators. Although on a whole, internet gamblers have a wide choice of establishments who align themselves to similar land based casino protocols. With high end security, personal data protection and other safe guards expected from any International, world class casino.

However the most important factor for any internet gambler is knowing if they win, they’ll be paid void of drama. The current gaming industry standards for pay-outs are 48 hours. This includes pending withdrawal times and time taken for these winnings to hit a web-wallet. Bank wire transfers, cheques and such will take longer.

Casino players and other internet gamblers accept this. Though I’m sure we’d all like winnings paid instantly.

However Belle Rock Entertainment Group have now changed their 24 hour pending withdrawals to  a 72 hour pending withdrawal on cash-outs for all its online casinos. This undoubtedly throws a cat amongst the pigeons. It makes me wonder why anyone, least of all a well established and respected casino group, would even consider such a risqué move.

The most troubling part on this new pending withdrawal rule. Belle Rock casino players can no longer request their winnings to be flushed. Instead those casino winnings must sit in a players account until the 72 time limit on their withdrawal expires.

Well you’d think that was the worst of it but no!
In addition, if a Belle Rock casino player reverses even a single $1 while in limbo, the  pending withdrawal commences the 72 hour count down again.

Apart from VIP players, the majority of the Belle Rock casino customers will be left in the cold. These players are what’s generally called the bread and butter – every casinos day to day  income.

If I was in the upper echelon of the  Belle Rock Entertainment  Group, I’d certainly being going out of my way to put the kibosh on this ridiculous and frankly senseless move to increase their online casinos to this absurd cash-out rule. It really makes no sense at all. The only thing it will achieve is to increase the likelihood of players reversing their winnings, playing some – if not all their winnings back into the casinos.

Yes another win win for casinos and those affiliates who don’t care about their players.