Brightshare Scams iGaming Business Partners

Yes, I have a very real agenda which involves Spiral Solutions and the Brightshare casino affiliate program.¬† I think it’s fair to say, like most online affiliates, I too expect honest business dealings from companies I partner. However it seems both Brightshare and Spiral Solutions are morally and ethically bankrupt. Can online casino affiliates trust these two i-gaming businesses?

Lets take the fiasco as an example. Pointing out, this ASUSA issue is only one incident, in a long list of many, where telling the truth and being upfront and honest, is certainly not a strong point of importance for either Brightshare or Spiral Soloutions.

Dear xxxxxxxxx,

We’ve had some great times at All Slots USA, and we are sorry to inform you that we are shutting our doors.

In order to keep playing without interruption, we have arranged a very special offer for you at Jackpot Capital Casino, our trusted and highly recommended casino partner in the U.S. market.

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The above email was distributed to players, referred by and tagged to affiliates, who had been promoting The BIG problem, ASUSA (aka Brightshare), didn’t inform their affiliates about this move. They also didn’t tell affiliates they (ASUSA / Brightshare / Spiral Solutions,) cut a deal with Jackpot Capital Casino, and were now redirecting all traffic to this RTG online casino.

As per usual the truth surfaced. Though I dare say, not before Spiral Solutions filled their pockets with ill-gotten gains, with yet another Brightshare scam perpetrated on their unknowing casino affiliates partners. Seems scams, rorts, unthruths, dishonesty and anything akin to deceit and deception, fits like a bespoke suit on the backs of Spiral Solutions and the Brightshare affiliate program.

Can online casino affiliates trust Brightshare or Spiral Solutions?

I’ll leave you to make up your own mind.

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