Spiral Solutions More of The Same BS

Over the years, I’ve had to deal with companies with regard to faulty products. More to the point, I’ve also had to deal with affiliate programs to get things fixed. It seems those companies who are unwilling to help or use tactics to complicate the issue, these bad customer attitudes all seems to flows down from top management. Perusing the Spiral Solutions Who We Are page, one would think this e-gaming company takes pride in their ethics, trust, corporate responsibilities etc. etc.

Taking responsibility or accountability at the Brightshare affiliate program is certainly not in keeping with the Spiral Solutions mantra. And sadly it seems neither is integrity. If these operational qualities were present, instead of my affiliate manager at Brightshare refusing to discuss my account ownership, she’s acknowledge the fact I am the sole owner of this account. Instead, I’ve been meet with contempt and a bad attitude. Certainly nothing close to the upstanding ethics Spiral Solutions are claiming they hold.

My Brightshare affiliate account issue all stems from a now annulled partnership. However the affiliate account in question, was opened by me and has my details listed as the account holder. No one else is listed on that account. Yet my ex-partner; who seems to have a chummy relationship with Brightshare, managed to have this account frozen, even though he has no legal ownership.

When I decide to end the partnership, I put forward we would both continue to receive our 50% split on every associate affiliate account. That’s the only fair thing to do in this situation. However my ex-partner decided to play dirty pool and proceeded to cut me out of the main shared affiliate account at Fortune Affiliates.

He went on to systematically contacted every other program we worked with, spreading 1/2 baked truths and lies.

However the fact remains, the Brightshare account is under my ownership; my ex partner has no legal ownership. Yet my affiliate manager at Brightshare froze the account regardless. Which tells me they and Spiral Solutions hold little to no respect for legal account ownership. Seems they are all too willing to bend the rules. Which of course highlights concerns on what other underhanded actions Brightshare or for that matter Spiral Solutions will do.

Over the course of 2013 both Brightshare and Spiral Solutions have actioned some pretty nasty things on their casino affiliate partners. In late March they blindsided all the partners with retroactively changed T&C’s. Which also including breaking their promise to pay affiliates a 25% commission for the life of their players.

At Spiral, we are guided by the principles reflected in our vision, mission and values. A common vision guides us, our mission directs our activities and our values ensure that the way in which we interact is ethical, responsible and respected.

Seems Spiral Solutions is full of bullshit just as their Brightshare casino affiliate program is too!