Brightshare and Their Dodgy Bed Partners

Brightshare = Spiral Solutions = ASUSA
As I had posted in other locations several things indicated that Brightshare was acting as ASUSA. I received Brightshare payments into Quicktender that showed up as being sent by ASUSA. Shelley from Brightshare was logged into AGD and posting using the ASUSA account “Janet” and signing the post “Shelley” …

I received emails from ASUSA that were sent via a Brightshare IPs …

Clearly Brightshare is not interested in being fully forthcoming, but I didn’t really expect anything other than semantics, distractions, and flat out lies.

I replied to my Brightshare affiliate manager yesterday, asking them, to stop playing semantics. I’ll add, this email from Brightshare also contained the usual distractions. Little respect for the truth is also another string in their bow of unethical tools, which has been fired at me before. Casino affiliates really need to open their eyes to the scallywag antics, which seem to go hand in hand, when you partner with Brightshare and Spiral Solotions.

Seriously, if a casino affiliate program can’t be honest and needs to hide their tracks by employing all manner of distractions, semantics and effectively can’t or wont be sincere, wouldn’t this point to possibily the two (2) databases being used to untag referred players?