Bwin & Bewinners Affiliate Program Scam

The recent merger of Bwin and PartyGaming was generally welcomed by affiliates. Most saw working with the largest, publicly traded, online gaming company as a positive step forward for the internet gaming industry. However these high expectation were literally smashed, when Bwin and their new affiliate program Bewinners announced it’s retroactively changing affiliate contracts. Bottom line of this mean:

  • Affiliates earnings will be cut to 5% commission on every player – when players been at Bwin for three years.
  • Players who do not make a deposit within 30 days of signing up at Bwin, will not be tagged to the affiliate.

Every Bwin affiliate is understandably upset. Who wouldn’t be when learning their life time earnings on each player is going to be reduced from 29% (average earnings)  to 5%. Worse any new player a affiliates refer to could be lost if the player does not make a deposit in 30 days.

Bwin and the Bewinners affiliate program are not only cheating affiliates out of their rightful earnings, but are going to steal players as well. Does this mean, to make it as one of the largest online gaming companies on the internet, you have to scam affiliates and steal their players? It looks that way!

All gaming affiliates should avoid signing up and or promoting Bwin and; Bewinners and; Partygaming.

Online players should also take heed.
If they will openly scam their affiliate partners what will they do to you!