Australian Webmasters Affiliates Association

In a few weeks the AWAA – Australian Webmasters Affiliates Association will open. The aim of the AWAA is to provide a combined voice for all aussie affiliate webmasters, to help bring forth positive changes within the Australian affiliate industry. The most pressing issue which troubles not only aussie affiliate marketers but those in other countries, is whether the programs they promote are honest. Up until now Australian affiliates have had to simple accept if their stats don’t add up against those displayed in the affiliate programs they work with. All too often these webmaster stats are shaved. As always it’s the affiliate who lose income.

Although the AWAA accepts not all affiliate programs are unethical, it’s well aware not all are honest either. It’s with this knowledge, drawn from many years of hands on affiliate marketing, that the AWAA has been established. The Australian Webmasters Affiliates Association would encourage all Australian affiliates to visit their site below.

Protecting Australian Webmasters Affiliate Interests