Fortune Lounge Group ill gotten gains

Follow on from Fortune Affiliates Supports WordPress Hackers. A spokesperson for Fortune Affiliates, part of the Digimedia Group of online casinos. Has after four (4) plus months stated at AGD, the hacker accounts are now closed. What about the ill gotten gains from these illegal activities? As far as I’m aware, these profits have gone straight into the coffers of the Fortune Lounge Casinos.

Digimedia Casino Group are extremely diligent; to the point of being anal, when it comes to players proof of ID. As they claim, it’s to prevent money-laundering. Yet another illegal activity. I have to wonder why the same gusto, has not been leveled at these ill gotten gains. After all, Fortune Lounge Casinos have profited from these wordpress site hackings. They have also likely obtained 10’s of 1,000’s of new players.

When I asked the Fortune Affiliates Spokesperson this question, no answer was given. Instead the reply was with further questions, which were peppered with a bad repugnant attitude. Again Fortune Affiliates demonstrates its sheer lack of empathy, toward affiliates affected by these hackings. Seems Fortune Lounge Group and for that matter Digimedia, has only got involved in this again, because it was causing them negative press.

I’m going to give Fortune Lounge Group and Digimedia the benefit of doubt, in hope, they will address these ill gotten gains. And decide it’s best to donate all past and furture Net Gaming profits, obtained by these illegal wordpress hackings, to charities. I’ll certainly be on their case and following this up from now.