32Red More Withdrawal Limitations

I’m still gobsmacked over 32Red cancelling weekend processing of winnings, back in July 2013. Whilst their spokesperson (Operations Director) Pat Harrison claimed it was to align their processing with UK Bank hours, not too many players swallowed it. It was claimed the real truth behind this move, was not the UK Banking excuse at all. Instead, 25% of all players who won over the weekend, were more likely to reverse their withdrawals. Thus increase the chances for 32Red Casino, come Monday, would being paying less player winnings.

Well the latest set of withdrawal limits applied to gamblers at 32Red, is nothing short of horrid. As of December 2014, all casinos operated by 32Red Plc have the following withdrawal limitations:

  • Withdrawal Flushing has been canned – withdrawals now have a 24 hour pending state.
  • Withdrawals after 4pm Thursday – won’t be processed till Monday (Tuesday if public holiday).
  • Worse, no players were informed about these radical changes actioned in December 2014 by 32Red. Instead were told when they contacted support and asked for their winnings to be flushed. I personally fell victim to this woeful information, when I too tried to flush my winnings.

    32Red Operations Director coped a shellacking, when he told players at the CasinoMeister Forum, about the weekend processing being cancelled. Maybe this time 32Red Casino wanted to avoid a repeat of this. However the fact remains, no player (to the best of my knowledge) was informed about these new processing changes. Which, for 32Red who boasts as being The Online Casino of the Decade, isn’t very good!

    These new withdrawal limitations, come on the back of 32Red Plc purchasing the entired database of UK players from Go Wild. Which now seems to be affecting both Go Wild and 32Red affiliates.

    Unless Go Wild affiliates are using GEO IP marketing on their portals, any UK player who clicks a Go Wild Casino link, is automatically redirected, via a straight link to 32Red Casino. The refering affiliate receives no credit for sending this player to 32Red.

    The withdrawal limitations and also the purchasing of all UK players from Go Wild Casino, are not decisions made lightly or quickly. It would seem 32Red has been again crunching the numbers. That’s all good and well. And yes 32Red Plc is a corporate business. But their in the business of online gaming, which, operates 24/7.

    Players using web-wallets or credit/debits cards can make instant deposits and it’s my opinion, if 32Red Casino can accept deposits instantly, they can also pay their winners, quickly too. Venues such as Guts and BetAtCasino, process and pay winnings in under two (2) hours 24/7. 32Red, Guts and BetAtCasino all use the Microgaming platform. So why can’t 32Red pay their players just as quick?

    Well… It seems 32Red Plc are trying their damdest to hold onto their players winnings as long as they can, in hope, they get itchy fingers and reverse thse winnings. At which point 32Red stands a good chance they’ll lose. Whether a player is strong willed, to not reverse, is a moot point. Seems 32Red Casino wants to hedge their risks even further, to the point, of hobbling player winning withdrawals.