Tropica Casino Another Israeli Clip Joint

Anyone au fait with the online gaming industry, knows 99.999% of casinos operated out of Israel or owned by Israeli’s are clip joints. Seems any day other than a Sabbath, they’d sell your children, if they could turn a buck! There’s a list as long as my arm, of dodgy casinos and affiliate programs, who … Read more

Casino Withdrawals Maximum Limit Joke!

When I used to play at 32Red (sadly,they no longer accept AU players) I knew if I won BIG, regardless of the withdrawal value, I’d have those winnings in my Australian Bank Account within 24 hours. And, that’s exactly how it should be at all casinos online. However, and most times, that’s not the case … Read more

Casino Affiliates Hit With Abnormal Deductions

Book Keeping the world-over uses the priciples of debit and credit ledgers. Yet, in the online gaming industry, when it involves commission earned by casino affiliates, accounting principles many centuries old, are substituted with quasi calculation deductions. As an example, so were all on the same page, lets use a simple business partnership with two … Read more

Not Recommended But Still Promoted

Not many casino affiliates veto player T&C’s before signing up to an affiliate program, much less before adding a internet casino to their portal. This behaviour is found on affiliate watchdog sites too. Sure, you might find a not recommended badge, but ironically the aff-link is still active. An affiliate who has no qualms about … Read more

Affactive Casino Scammers Running Affalliance?

The new casino affiliate program Affalliance, has bought Silver Sponsorship at the GPWA. Turns out some of the former management from the discraced Affactive Affiliate Program (owners serving jail time for pump and dump securities fraud), are now employed at Affalliance. Didn’t take long to join the dots of connection, when, “player class” was mentioned. … Read more

Casino of Dreams Dodgy T&C’s

If a casino accepts a wager from a valid player, and that player wins, then the casino pays that player. No ifs or buts. End of story. That’s exactly how most online casinos operate. However, there are casino clip joints who use T&C’s to essential ‘steal’ a players winnings. Casino of Dreams is one such … Read more

Video Slots Affiliate Program Stats Data Gone

Affiliate programs from time to time may update their tracking software. Occasionally, stats data may become corrupted. In such cases, the casino affiliate program pulls out all stops to have the correct data displayed. However in the case of Video Slots Affiliates, this data, more specifically player deposits, withdrawals and other tracking data, was manually … Read more

Gambler Player Mediation is Not Arbitration

Most affiliate and gambling player forums, offer a so-called Mediation service. But, all are clueless to what Mediation actually means. They confuse their service with Arbitration. A mediator is a neutral, unbias 3’rd party. It’s the job of a mediator, not to judge who’s right or wrong. Instead, bring both parties to an acceptable agreement … Read more

GoWild Affiliates Stealing Tagged Affiliate Players

The latest affiliate program busted of dodgy business, is GoWild Casino. Their affiliate program is redirecting referred UK players, to Luck247Casino, and taking full credit, along with pocketing the commissions too. A dedicated Landing Page; hard coded for GoWild by Luck247 Casino. This scam, begs the question, what other tagged players are GoWild stealing from … Read more

Blacklisted BetReels Casino Warning

Affiliates who promoted Rival Casinos operated by program, have been sold out. Those effected, have lost all future commission payments. The now ex-owner of, Deiter, promised affiliates back in June 2016 when he announced the sale, he’d work with the new owners of for two (2) months, to ensure a smooth transition. … Read more

Refilliates Closed But Rival Casinos Take Bets

A few weeks back, casino affiliates were told by Deiter, the claimed owner of the Reffiliates program, that it, along with all their Rival powered casinos, had been sold. When asked to whom, no anwser was given. Back in March 2015, my winnings were confiscated at Tropica Casino, ironically by Deiter, citing FU clauses. DOCH … Read more

Gamblers Bring Home Affiliate Commissions

As a casino affiliate, making commission doesn’t overshadow my number one priority – the players referred to the casinos I promote. In the gaming industry, there seems to be a sheer lack for ‘Duty of Care’, which concerns me greatly. Lots of nice meaning words such as integrity, transparency and accountability are thrown about. However … Read more

NetEnt Slots Trump Microgaming Slots

Since 1994 Microgaming was the Rolls Royce of casino software. In 2003 Thunderstruck, Spring Break and Ladies Nite were released. Designed on Aussie Pokies with 5 reels, 9 pay-lines, featuring free spins and Wild multipliers. Microgaming video slots rocked it for player’s. However lately MGS has dropped the ball, with buggy download software and poor … Read more

Mission2Game Casino Licensed or Not

Seems a lot of casino affiliates aren’t too concerned if a casino is licensed and regulated. Just as long as they get their commissions paid, then all is sweet. Well, DOCH thinks that’s a really bad attitude to have. Hence why I’ve decided to blog about The GuardDogAffiliates Forum recently accepted Paid Sponsorship from … Read more